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Peer Support

Counselling Wimbledon offers a Peer Support Group, if you are a practicing psychotherapeutic Counsellor, or training to become one, then being supported is an essential part of professional development.

Reading Group




As practicing therapists, we recognise the need for support. We use the group forum for 'peer supervision',  not as a replacement for 'clinical supervision' but as a supplement. The group explore aspects of practice, research, personal work and study/training for consructive, confidential collaboration on the development of counselling practice.


Meeting  to exchange  ideas, views and news from the world of psychotherapy, the forum is a place to bring ones self into the room; to consider, reflect and share experiences in a non-judgmental supportive environment.


Run not for profit, open to all therapists, trainees, students and academics in the field.



Peer Support for Counselling Partners and family


As Counsellors/therapists, we recognise the difficult and life changing process that training can seem and we will all have of known someone who experienced the equally trying period of being with/in relation to trainee or qualified therapists.


Where do you get the opportunity to share/discuss this subject?

In a similar way to Al Anon, supporting the partners of counselling seems to be an area of neglect we feel needs a forum. Contact for more details.




The cost of the room and refreshments is equally split between the group. Currently there are 6 members of the group, but average, based on 5 attending the session, is about £5.







Counselling Wimbledons' Reading Group meets once a month to discuss books, research papers, articles or current news stories based on related subjects:


Couselling and Psychotherapy, Psychology, Philosophy, training and development and more.


The group collectively choose the book/paper, each member is responsible for cost of material.




The cost of the room and refreshments is equally split in the same way as the Peer support sessions. About £5 .


Contact for more details 07708 164886


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