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As a company, the health of an organisation is only as good as the health of its employees. It's a well used phrase, but is it a well used practice?


Countless surveys show that employee health & wellbeing are key to company success in terms of performance, recruitment, employee satisfaction, retention and productivity.


Is your workforce as productive as you believe they can be?

Are you as an employee, as productive as you can or want to be?



Our career counsellors have over forty years combined management experience; as qualified Counsellors they are appropriately equipped to maintain and improve the health and wellbeing of your staff and consequently your company.


We understand that not all companies can afford to engage the services of a large corporate Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), however, Counselling Wimbledon can effectively bridge the gap between an EAP, and simply relying on HR to manage.



Contact:  07708 164886

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