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Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Have you ever found yourself asking yourself questions without answers?



"What am I doing? ... where am I going?"


"Is this really my life?"




"How did I get here?"



We reach a point in life where we seek answers to the bigger questions, and need

time and space to explore  why life is what it is and why it isn't, what i want it to be.



This is when Counselling comes in to our lives...



What counselling is and what counselling isn't


Counselling & psychotherapy are 'talking therapies' originally developed by the likes of

Sigmund Freud as psychoanalysis. As talking therapy developed other models of practice

emerged, notably person-centred counselling (Rogerian), Existential, Phenomenological,

Humanistic, Gestalt, Cognitive Behavioural, the list goes on...


But the most important part of the process is the therapeutic relationship between client

and counsellor.


It is important you feel able to be yourself in therapy, pretending to be something or someone else simply doesn't work!


The therapeutic process can stir up difficult feelings, memories and emotions, requiring  courage from you to engage and stay with it.


Your relationship with your counsellor is like no other relationship in life, a place to be free of convention and stigma, a place to be free and true to the self.


At Counselling Wimbledon, Counsellors are Integratively trained and qualified,

incorporating aspects of each philosophy depending on the individual.


Remember, while the counsellor is a trained practitioner in therapy, you are the expert on you!





Sessions are traditionally once a week and the therapeutic hour lasts 50 minutes, usually the same time every week with the same counsellor. This structure remains constant, allowing you freedom within it.


A course of therapy lasts from 12 weeks upwards, its impossible to predict how long  your therapy will last, but there may be a value in discussing how long you would like it to be as a guide.

You are welcome to take breaks in therapy, and return when you feel you need to, you're the boss!


Costs vary, depending on what time of the day or day of the week you wish to attend and best discussed early with your counsellor. There are limited number of low cost therapy available.Missed sessions are charged at cost, but you want to attend all sessions within your pre agreed schedule.


Payment is made in advance, either cash, paypal or a bank transfer can be arranged.



Couples Counselling


No matter how much you  love, hate, or feel devoted to your partner, there

may be times when you feel you just can't continue with the status quo.

Sometimes a professional third person can be valuable in exploring aspects

of your relationship and finding out what's important to you and you partner.



One-to-One counselling therapy

Telephone/Skype Counselling Available

Life Coaching/counselling

Group Counselling and support

Low cost counselling

Is one of you becoming un-bearable?

Not available with Counselling Wimbledon


Sorting out  Council Tax problems


Befriending Services


Fortune Telling/Crystal Ball/predicting the future


Fixing everything with a Magic Wand.




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